Miscellaneous Bloggery

I have discovered that I enjoy writing about stuff, particularly music, and I would like to continue to do so without annoying my friends on Facebook. To that end I have set up this blog for my aimless ramblings about music (live and recorded) as well as films, food and occasionally politics, dog training, angry rants and just about anything else. I will be launching a proper blog about dog training from the end of June.

I also occasionally record a podcast (The Loftcast) and will publish links when I do so, and I do DJ mixes from time to time and will post some of those as well. Please comment on stuff, I love a good discussion and I need to be told when I am waffling too much. Please post links to related items your blog if you have one (I will remove anything inapproriate though) and I will find time to take a look.

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P.S. I have posted my collected bloggery and music nonsense so far, from the 30 days of music (inspired by my friend Simon’s excellent blog at to some random postings on shoegaze music and electronica)