30 days of music

Right – that really is it for the 30(+7) days of music. I’ve enjoyed the company, comments, abuse and opportunity to air my musical laundry. I hope you’ve heard some things you hadn’t before.

Apologies to anyone who has stumbled across these on my new blog. I thought I’d collect my previous ramblings before I go on and ramble any further. I will be posting some longer stuff which I previously put up on Facebook and then will be doing some new bits and bobs as well. Bear with me!

The lovely Janine has been a wonderful influence on my music taste, tempering my electronic excesses with beautiful real music and balls out rock & roll. I am most grateful to her for Grinderman and PJ Harvey. I missed PJ the first time round, assuming that she was just shouty and awful. This incredible reflection on her relationship with Nick Cave spine-tinglingly proves me oh so wrong.

PJ Harvey – We Float

Time to flex the record collection! I heard this on Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone, so it’s obscure but not THAT obscure. However, it’s a fantastic little oddity from the dawn of dub in the early 70s. It’s by Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Upsetters and sounds so otherworldly – like a ska-ified fairground ride. I defy you not to love it.

The Upsetters – Fresh Up

Fleetwood Mac are a great band, and in 1977 released the absolute, stone-cold classic Rumours LP. They were flying high (both in terms of popularity and their legndary booze and drug consumption). Their follow up Tusk, was predictably self-indulgent and awful in almost every way, aside from the title track, which is great, was partly recorded in a baseball stadium and features the entire USC Trojan Marching Band as backing.

Fleetwood Mac – Tusk