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I am a Bristol-based music and film nerd specialising in drum and bass and other electronica, but with a healthy interest in folk music, shoegazing indie music, heavy metal, rock, techno, country, blues and pretty much anything good.

I have recently started a show on www.AfterDarkRadio.org, an internet-based radio station based here in Bristol. I DJ under the name Aftershock and do two hours every Tuesday night from 8 until 10pm. It is a specialist drum and bass station, so that limits me to playing drum and bass and jungle (which is no bad thing). Please listen if you like that sort of thing.

As for films, again anything good, but especially horror, sci-fi, thrillers, foreign oddities, classics and anything made by Shane Meadows or starring Paddy Considine. The only thing I really can’t get on with is American comedies like The Hangover and Anchorman.

I will be using this blog to make outrageous generalisations, express personal opinions as fact, complain about things, slag off stuff and generally pontificating in a pompous and nerd-like fashion about whatever comes to mind.

I am also a dog trainer, have worked with computers and like eating and drinking. More about these as we go. Now you know the basics, on with the waffle.

Oh, you can follow me on Twitter as @L0fth0use

PLEASE NOTE: All music linked to or discussed here is probably subject to copyright. If you like something, please make the effort to go and buy it. On iTunes if you like, but CD if you can or even better still on lovely, silky, black, chunky, heavyweight, warm and fuzzy vinyl. There’s very little you genuinely can’t find to buy in some format and illegal downloading of music really does damage the chances of good, independent music being made and distributed. It’s stealing, and if you do it I’d rather you fucked off and didn’t read my blog.

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