About discovering new music…

Is there anything more exciting than discovering new music? It’s even more exciting if the music you discover is by an artist who has been around a while, but who you’ve never checked out properly before. So not only do you have their new stuff on rotation, but there is also the delicious anticipation of digging into their back catalogue and potentially unearthing hidden gems. Kind of like digging up potatoes from a vegetable patch, only without the need to swarfega your hands afterwards!

I only mention this because I have just realised that Pink, the Four Tet album I downloaded from iTunes a few days ago, is absolutely brilliant. I’ve heard bits and bobs of his before (particularly Moth, his stunning collaboration with dream-garage legend Burial) as well as his Fabriclive mix, and I’ve been kind of aware of his existence since the mid-nougthies, but I’d always assumed his music wasn’t going to be my thing.

Turns out that he writes beautiful, interesting, rhythmic house/techno/electronica of the sort that makes me go weak at the knees. Now I’m hoping I was wrong, and that there are some delicious musical morsels squirrelled away that I can find as I go through his back catalogue.

Ah, how exciting!


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